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Biesse Akron 855 Polymac Edgebanding machine

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Biesse Akron 855 Polymac Edgebanding machine specifications


Computer controlled interface for workstations with servos and pneumatic positioning devices. Programmable selections for 1 touch changeover between edgebanding types and thicknesses 

Premilling unit with 4 positions for automatic changeover between pre-mill settings NC controlled 

Pre-heater for panel temperature control 

0.4 - 19 mm (5/16") Cap. edgebanding thickness, min. panel width 85 mm & min. length 140 mm, panel thickness 10 - 50 mm; automatic strip & coil feed magazine with robust shear type guillotine.  

 Equipped with: On-screen Adjustable top pressure beam positioning and track speed. 

 Hot-Melt glue system (12 min. heat up time) with Teflon coated gluepot, digital thermostats with automatic kick-down when machine is in idle mode.  

 1" Dia. glue applicator roller; pressure section with (1) large dia. "non-stick" coated drive roller & 5 Teflon plated idle rollers with servo positioning and NC controlled material thickness adjustment.  

 Workstations: Front & rear end trims (0.33 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), motors travel on (2) straight slides and pneumatic tilt 0ø - 15ø on horz. plane NC controlled 

  Top & Bottom flush trims with "Quick Change" motors (1.0 HP - 12,000 RPM motors), digital readouts for easy setup. 2 position NC controlled 

 2-Motor (0.3 HP - 12,000 RPM motors) multi profile trimming unit for trimming top & bottom edges. Servo driven positioning of units for different profiles. NC controlled adjustment between profiles and positions   

 4-Motor (0.3 HP - 12,000 RPM motors) corner rounding unit for trimming leading & trailing upper & lower edge/corners with "Fast Position", and can be used as a second Top & Bottom fine trimmer as well.  

 Top & bottom profile scrapers for 2mm or 3mm thick PVC banding, digitals for horiz. adjustments. 

 Top & bottom flat scrapers for glue and fine panel scraping. 

 Top & bottom buffing (0.5 HP - 2,800 RPM motors), units tilt 0ø - 30ø.  

 Last Station:Top & bottom (2,000 Watt) hot air blowers with temperature adjustment.  

 Feed Speed 10 - 20 MPM, 3 HP feed drive.  

 Complete with: Programmable processor for workstations & feed speed, insulated sound enclosure over all trim stations with triple split dust hood, industrial lights and viewing windows.  

 Extendible side panel support rail, 12 KVA - 240 Hz digital frequency inverters. -  

Includes: Used tooling on all workstations. Additional Glue pot, 3 sets of diamond tooling pre-mill heads 


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