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Imaco  Point to Point Feed through Boring Machine  GT600

The Italian produced, Imaco GT 600 Basic model s equiped with a 9 spindle boring unit  -(7 Vertical and 2 horizontal), which is upgradeable to 15 spindle  (9 vertical, 6 Horizontal) and a Grooving Saw. 

The GT 600 is capable of Dowel Hole Boring (5 sides) , Line Boring, Hinge Boring and Groving  in one pass.The GT600 is a cost effective machine that focus' on the efficiency of your machining time. Cut cabinet blanks on your saw, put them in the GT600 with a preselected program and you will have cabinet sides that are done with high tolerances and speed.  The efficiency goes up, the cost of your product comes down.... PROFITS GO UP!

An Average Cabinet side panel takes as little as 15 seconds to fully bore for Dowels and line bore 

A fully loaded model can bore for dowels and linebore, with back grooved in as little as 20 seconds !! 


The GT 600 has a 600mm (23-5/8") wide (max) capacity. It is available with many options (inc. 600EX, which has. 800mm (31-1/2"") width  capacity

The base model is available with the following;

7 Spindle Vertical Boring Spindles ( 4 in the X-axis and 4 in the Yaxis) 

2 Spindle Horizontal Boring (Front.Rear Facing in the X-axis) 




Optional Hardware

Grooving Saw Unit

NC Control on Z-Axis (Base has Pneumatic Movement) 

9 spindle (Vertical)  upgrade 

Panel Edge Reader 

Horizontall Spindle upgrade(s)


Software and Service upgrades;

Teleservice Software (diagnose problems with a factory tech) 

Office Software

12" Monitor upgrade

Although new to the US market, Hirzt-Imaco has been building machinery in Italy since 1991 and automated machines since 1996.  


GT 600
New with Warranty
220v, 60cy, 3ph
New in factory package

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