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The Pegasus Series is our premium 3-axis moving gantry type cnc routers designed for businesses in woodworking, plastics, signs, and other non-ferrous metal applications with production runs of standard and custom parts that require a more efficient operation with up to 10 (ten) automatic tool changing capacity per program cycle. The automatic tool change on the Pegasus Series is a spindle-mount type meaning the spindle only has to move in one direction verse three directions to perform a tool change! Also equipped is a secondary drill spindle head with 9-vertical drills on 32MM centers for professionals working with 32MM system such as cabinetry, closets, shelvings, etc. The Pegasus Series offer more industrial strengths, configurations and features than most other machines in its price range.

Design Features:

1.Welded structural steel frame construction, stressed relieved prior to precision machining

2.The steelframe is mended, then reinforcements are welded throughout the interior walls to reduce noise and vibration during high speed operations

 3.Phenolic tabletop with multiple vacuum zones depending on table size

 4.X-axis: Dual-drive, two servo motors, gearbox, rack & pinion system with 30MM guide rails

5.Y-axis: Servo motor, gearbox, rack & pinion system with 25MM guide rails

6.Z-axis: Servo motor, ballscrew with 25MM guide rails

7.Compact footprint

Operating Features:

1.One 11HP primary spindle with ER-32 collet quick change system

2.10-Position rotary type automatic tool changer, spindle-mount type for efficiency

3.Automatic tool lenght calibration - saves time from manual calibrations and inputs!

4.One 9-vertical drills spindle head on 32MM centers in L-shape configuration (5 on X-axis, 5 on Y-axis) independently selectable or in combinations via programming

5.The drill spindle has full table coverage without gantry extension!

6.Safety ligth barriers for operator's work zone

7.Multiple vacuum zones

8.3 (three) tabletop reference pins

9.Centralized lubrication system

10.Spindles dust shrouds that operate automatically!

11.Max. speed of up to 2,000 Inches/Min.

12.Pre-plumbed to accept up to 10kW (13.4HP) vacuum system hook-up

13.Mobile Intek industrial cnc controller with MPG, configured with user-friendly Front-End PC - complete with monitor and accessories

14.Accepts any CAD/CAM or Design software program that generates standard G-codes


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230v, 60cy, 3ph

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