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CODE: GE-10338



Perforated-plate-type glue applicator with 8" wide, 36" long applicating grid.

Easy Operation
With foot treadle released, the applicating grid is submersed in a reservoir of glue. When the foot treadle is depressed, the grid is raised above the glue reservoir, and excess glue drains from the grid back into the glue reservoir. Stock to be glued is placed on the grid, and a mesh pattern of glue is transferred from the grid to the bottom edges of the stock. The treadle is then released, and the grid is re-submersed in the reservoir of glue.

The thickness of the glue spread is adjusted by decreasing the glue viscosity by adding a little bit of water (up to 5% by volume), and/or by adjusting the waiting time between depressing the foot treadle and dropping the stock onto the grid. A longer waiting time allows more glue to drain from the grid, resulting in a lighter glue spread.

High-Quality Components:
The QUICK Spreader frame is constructed of sturdy, all-steel components. All components that come in contact with the glue, including the glue applicating grid, glue pan and cover are constructed of stainless steel (not aluminum), for maximum service life.> Standard features include a stainless steel applicating grid, an easy-slide-out stainless steel glue pan and a stainless steel glue pan cover.

No Daily Clean-Up
The QUICK Spreader includes a cover for nightly storage. At the end of the day, simply spray the surface of the glue with a mist of water (spray bottle included), and place the cover on the Spreader. Next morning, step on the foot treadle a couple of times to mix the surface water back into the glue. QUICK and easy!

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