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Tips for Buying a Used Edgebander

by Don McMullen

1) Buy from a reputable source

There are many dealers and places to buy used equipment out there. Take normal precautions in ensuring that your dealer is reputable. Machine King has been in the used woodworking machinery business since 2006. We've sold hundreds of machines to hundreds of satisfied customers. Machine King is rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau.

2) Buy the right machine for you
Tell your used machinery dealer what you need the machine to do. A good dealer will be knowledgeable about the capabilities of different edgebanders as well as the different brands. At Machine King we collectively bring over 70 years of woodworking industry knowledge to you. We also know enough to tell you when we don't know the answer to a question.

3) Ask about hours and maintenance
Most people will ask these questions. It's not always possible to get the hours of an edgebander. If the machine is no longer under power, one cannot read the PLC Control. Maintenance records are also not always available. Still ask about both hours and maintenance.

4) Manuals included
With the exception of the smallest hot air edgebanders, all machines have (usually thick) detailed manuals. Your technician will need them for set up and training. If they are not available, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 for them from the manufacturer.

5) If practical, inspect the edgebander
Whether you want to travel long distances to see a machine is your decision. Machine King will be happy to arrange for you to see and inspect the edgebander if you choose to do so.

6) Schedule your technician for set up and training
If you don't have a technician already, Machine King will assist you in finding one in your area. Your technician should set up the edgebander and most importantly train you or your operators to operate your edgebander. This will cost you a little money up front that will be very quickly recuperated in savings by having a properly prepared machine and trained operators.

7) Be prepared for the inevitable scratches, dust and small things that are not like-new
These are, after all, used edgebanders. We must expect scratches and dings as well has dust and dirt and even some small spots of surface rust. Expect these and remember how much money you are saving verses purchasing a brand new edgebander.

8) Ask about dealer's written guarantee of condition
Machine King guarantees that the edgebander will arrive at your facility in the condition that we say it is in. In most cases, this is in Good Operating Condition. Machine King will, upon request, provide this in writing. Ask us about our guarantee.